Make it easy! only 2 wires, a new LED Control System

by AP&P Electronics


AP&P Electronics Srl develops and produces
advanced electronic solutions for third parties and
for its own account.

AP&P Electronics Srl, having significant experience
in the field of lighting system management on boats
- Yachts and Superyachts -, has created the 2Wires line,
the only solution of this kind on the market.

2Wires allows you to create an entire LED
lighting system using a connection line with only
2 cables, that able to power and control all the
connected lights.


Traditional Lighting System

Today, LED lighting systems are usually composed of a control unit for the entire system, or of a series of single devices for each single light.
Both system are controlled by buttons and /or Home Automation system and at least two electric wires are required (in some cases many more) for each “area” of ​​the lighting system, where with “area” is intended a set of light points that light up with the same command.

Often, as result, in a single environment to be illuminated (as example, the Main Deck of a yacht), many electric wires have to be laid and the lighting system is difficult to maintain and eventually to modify as well.

In the above simple example, 10 cables are used for 5 areas of a single environment.

Example of a LED lighting system

2Wires System

The same lighting system can be built with the 2Wires system by means of Multizone Control System (MCS) control unit and the Drivers. The MCS uses only 2 cables where all the drivers, powering and controlling up to 99 different areas, are connected.

One of the innovations introduced by the 2Wires system resides specifically in the drivers that, besides powering and controlling each area, are also addressable.

The MCS control unit can be controlled by a Home Automation system and / or by buttons, through which the various drivers are activated, according to the desired address. Activating the command relative to address 1, all the drivers with address 1 are controlled; activating the command relative to address 2, all the drivers with address 2 are controlled, and so on.

Example of a LED lighting system with the 2Wires system


Material savings
The system needs only two cables (typically coloured as Red and Black) which, simultaneously, power and convey operative information to the drivers.
Since the address of each driver is freely settable it can be changed, at any time so that it can be part of a different area from the previous one.
Avoid wiring errors
With only two cables to be wired for the whole lighting system, mistakes are limited to a missing connection or, at worst, to a polarity reversal; the latter does not generate damage anyway, thanks to the electronic protection of the system.
No software configuration
When the MCS is reset, it detects which 2Wires series devices are connected and consequently adopts its own software. No software configuration (on-site or remote) is therefore required, neither before installation nor after connecting any addition devices.
Test times
When the MCS is reset, all the drivers correctly connected switch on its own light point and, after a few seconds, the MCS control unit sends a shutdown command to all the drivers. This allows the installer to identify, at a glance, any problems in the lighting system.
Driver sizes
Thanks to their small size, the drivers can be installed in smaller light point compartments.
One system for all configurations
The MCS control unit can be connected to the other 2Wires series devices to add new features. The new devices can be connected at any time without having to change anything in the implemented system.
Preserves LED lights
Constant current drivers ensure optimum performance and durability of LED lights. PWM drivers are available.


The 2Wires system is composed of: 2Wires-W, dedicated to the management of White lighting points; 2Wires-C, dedicated to the management of RBG / RGBW lighting points.

The two 2Wires-W and 2Wires-C systems are technically different and therefore cannot share the same connection lines to which the drivers are
connected in a lighting system.

All devices in the 2 Wires series, unless otherwise indicated, can be mounted on the DIN 60715 “omega” bar which allows their installation
in any electric panel.

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